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Beauty Services




  Uptown Identity

Cincinnati, Ohio 45224
  Uptown Identity is a t-shirt and accessories brand that caters to the modern wom ...   natural hair, women's shirts, jewelry, h ...

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  Business Consulting Services and Author
Consumer Services

Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
  Observing the positive vs negative flow of the business operations, cleansing of ...   #Cosmetology #Salon #Energy #Success #Be ...

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  Nick of Steel Fitness
Fitness Centers

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
  Nick of Steel Fitness is a full service fitness and healthy lifestyle training/c ...   Personal trainer, Fitness, Health, Nutri ...

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  A. K. Products
Skin Care

Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
  Shea Butter based products from West Africa and Nu Afrika. 100 all natural Shea ...   Shea Butter, ...

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  JBM Elite Personal Training
Fitness Centers, Vitamins & Supplements

Cincinnati, Ohio 45225
  JBM Elite is a company owned by 4 men who share the common goal of helping other ...   Gym, fitness, weight, weight loss, physi ...

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African Food

Cincinnati, Ohio 45216
  Teranga ...   African,African,Teranga ...

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African Food

Cincinnati, Ohio 45213
  Emanu ...   Ethiopian,Ethiopian,Emanu ...

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African Food

Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
  Habesha ...   Ethiopian,Ethiopian,Habesha ...

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  Darou Salam Store
Farmers Market, Food Stores

Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
  Darou Salam Store ...   Grocery,Grocery,Darou Salam Store ...

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  Kilimanjaro African Heritage
Jewelry, Men's Clothing, Men's Shoes, Watches

Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
  Kilimanjaro African Heritage ...   Men's Clothing,Men's Clothing,Kilimanjar ...

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  Bi-Okoto Drum & Dance Theater
Heritage Center

Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
  Bi-Okoto Drum & Dance Theater ...   Performing Arts,Performing Arts,Bi-Okoto ...

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  Dukesters Supper Club
Soul Food, Southern, Specialty Food

Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
  Dukesters Supper Club ...   Soul Food,Soul Food,Dukesters Supper Clu ...

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  Berkemeier Barber Shop
Barber, Hair Care

Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
  Berkemeier Barber Shop ...   Barbers,Barbers,Berkemeier Barber Shop ...

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  Greatness Inspired Financial Services
Financial Services, Investment Services, Multi Level Marketing

Cincinnati, Ohio 45215
  - Life Insurance--- Budgeting & savings plan--- Annuities--- Credit repair & bui ...   insurance, finance, money, saving, budge ...

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