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  earring junkee

Louisville, Kentucky 40203
  handmade and custom made earrings with an afro centric flare.please visit my onl ...   earrings, handmade, jewelry ...

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  Kymberli Shoe Designs
Accessories, Handbags, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, Women's Shoes

Louisville, Kentucky 40212
  Customized shoe designs . ...   shoes, pumps, bow ties, neckties, weddin ...

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  Kentucky Center For African American Heritage
Heritage Center

Louisville, Kentucky 40203
  A center for the heritage of African Americans here in Louisville, KY. ...   Museum, Heritage, History ...

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  Reville Clothing Co
Men's Clothing

Louisville, Kentucky 40216
  Exclusive Urban Menswear ...   Men's Clothing, Menswear, Urban ...

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  Kikimani's Creations
Cosmetics, Jewelry, Kid's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing

Louisville, Kentucky 40203
  Jewelry, Crocheting, Sewing, and Natural Products ...   Jewelry, Crocheting, Sewing, and Natural ...

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