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  Salvador Molly's
Carribean, Seafood

Portland, Oregon 97239
  Salvador Molly's ...   Caribbean,Caribbean,Salvador Molly's ...

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  Bete-Lukas Ethiopian Restaurant
African Food

Portland, Oregon 97206
  Bete-Lukas Ethiopian Restaurant ...   Ethiopian,Ethiopian,Bete-Lukas Ethiopian ...

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  Native Foods Cafe
Raw Food, Vegan, Vegetarian

Tigard, Oregon 97224
  Native Foods Cafe ...   Vegan,Vegan,Native Foods Cafe ...

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  DC Vegetarian Cart
Buffets, Raw Food, Vegan, Vegetarian

Portland, Oregon 97204
  DC Vegetarian Cart ...   Vegetarian,Vegetarian,DC Vegetarian Cart ...

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  Indian Ocean Restaurant
African Food

Portland, Oregon 97206
  Indian Ocean Restaurant ...   African,African,Indian Ocean Restaurant ...

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  Courtesy Janitorial Services

Portland, Oregon 97211
  Efficient and thorough ...   green cleaning. sustainable ...

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