Leadership Empowerment Programs

Referral Program

When you refer a paying business or professional to BlackTradeLines.com you will receive a $5.00 commission for a completed registration. You need a referral code or link from your BlackTradeLines account. You can find this in your control panel.

  • What is a completed registration?
  • The user must register and have payment account with BlackTradeLines.com
  • The user must make at least one payment with BlackTradeLines.com

  • When and how do you get paid?
  • You will be paid for every referral you make
  • All payments will be send to you via paypal
  • You will be paid 30 days after the transaction.

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    Your payments are automatically sent to you via paypal immediately you reach the payment threshold of $5 monthly. You can refer as many professionals and businesses as you want! Every time you send user to BlackTradeLines.com, you get paid. The more you refer the greater your payouts - there's no limit!

    Note: This referral program is completely free and just need to register either a free or business account to participate and earn money.

    Contact customer support at 310 272 5438 for more details.

    Partnership Program

    BlacktradeLines core mission is to empower black owned business and help elleviate poverty with the community. For this reason we are partnering with like-minded individuals and entities that share the same vision. Some of the benefits of becoming a partner are:

  • You get all the benefits of an affiliate.
  • You are authorized to use our logo and media brochureware to promote and spread the awareness.
  • You get personalized business cards, flyers, pamphlets, T-shirts & sites with your company or business name
  • You get access to other partner networking groups

  • Get featured in our media publications - Radio & TV
  • Promote your business or service for free on the network
  • Get a personalized mobile app for your organization
  • Network with people that share the same vision with you.

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    We are calling on like minded individuals, ones that are not afraid, ones that have a breath of character, to join this movement. To make us believe again and bring our community back from economic extinction.

    Contact customer support at 310 272 5438 for more details.

    Brand Ambassador

    At BlackTradeLines we believe technology and the organization of people and aggregation with the community can help solve this problem.

    For this reason, we are looking for people. People that are curious about the future, people who are not afraid to change things, people who add value and inspire others.

    And most of all people who believe they are trying to achieve something special; to become ambassadors so we can all make a difference.

    If this is you, contact us at 310 272 5438.

    Strategic Partners

    BOBSA - Black Owned Beauty Supply Association  
    BOBSA is the premier national organization that provides African American's the platform to demonstrate competitive leadership in the $9 billion dollar Black Hair Care & Cosmetic Industry nationwide and internationally. BOBSA's mission is to establish African American and Black owned beauty supply stores (Worldwide) nationally and internationally. We are advocates for black institutions that depend on beauty supply stores and their  
    Website: http://www.bobsa.org  
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w985ij0poCE  
    Maggie Anderson - The NEW Empowerment Experiment (OurBlackYear)  
    Maggie leads a self-help economics movement uniting business owners, consumers, corporate and community partners to empower struggling communities. Learn more about and join The NEW Empowerment Experiment and its merger with Powered By Action, a global technology and empowerment organization.  
    Website: http://www.ourblackyear.com  
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZXaqa7xOTI  
    1iMALL.COM an INTERNET MALL COLLABORATIVE was founded by Visionary, Entrepreneur, Technologist, Author Bryan Franklin in 1998. After seeing a need for change in dot-com and network marketing an alternative was created called 1iMALL.COM in 1998 which includes a trademarked profit sharing model which is called the Circle Club.  
    Website: http://www.1imall.com  
    One Million  
    This is a movement to forge new habits and options in the voting and economic practices for black people, and to create new pathways and education for our people to unify, organize, and elevate consciousness. The outcome and results of this unity is to strategically secure our interests, our needs, and our demands. And, to cast a net for a realized return for our people that is tangible and in our everyday lives.  
    Website: http://www.iamoneofthemillion.com  
    University of Black Economics  
    University of Black Economics is an online institution dedicated to educating the black community about economics and technology; and our role as a community in this competitive global society.  
    Website: http://www.UofBE.com  
    AMPTV, also known as Ann Marie Production, an independent production company who specializes in premiering exceptional indie television and internet TV content. AMPTV provides unique, family-friendly diverse urban flavor video content from news to urban entertainment. Accessibility of our content includes social networking, internet prequel episodes, and television inclusion.  
    Website: http://www.amptvnow.com  
    BAMway.net an ADVERTISING / INTERNET MALL COLLABORATIVE was founded by Visionary, Entrepreneur, Technologist, Author Bryan Franklin in 1998. After seeing a need for change in dot-com and Network Marketing an alternative was created called BAMway.net in 1998, which includes a 3-way Revenue Sharing model and a trademarked Profit Sharing model which is called the Circle Club.  
    Website: http://www.BAMway.net  






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